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Choosing the right Online Coach for you

You are investing and you want to invest in the right way for you. Here are some tips to consider;


You're going to need support along the way so investing in someone you feel can get to know you well, your routines, schedules, body type and training type. A good Personal Trainer will motivate inspire and encourage you, especially on days which are mentally challenging as well as physically challenging. Your Personal Trainer will be there to listen to you and guide you on your way.


Find a Personal Trainer who knows you well enough to challenge you to the best version of yourself. The biggest changes take place out of your comfort zone and that is what your Personal Trainer is there to do. He or she knows you well and sure will not leave you to your own devices.


Education is always key to learning and growing. They will educate you on a wealth of nutrition and training aspects, whether it's Sport Specific, Lifestyle choices or injury prevention. Knowing more will prepare you for what is required of you to reach your goals. a well educated Personal Trainer will be your best investment.


Research states that 30% of motivation and success comes from being accountable to others, in this case your Personal Trainer. A good Personal Trainer will keep you checking-in, maintain consistent communication and be your reality check if you need it. Find a Personal Trainer you like and would not want to let down.


Honesty is the best Policy, especially when it comes to investment. Honest Personal Trainers will keep your goals and training realistic for maximum results in the time provided. So find a Personal Trainer you can trust and build a good, trusting relationship with.

If you would like a Personal Trainer who hits all these points, do get in touch :)

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