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Being mentally strong and physically strong

Your training will no doubt, in my opinion, prepare you for situations and events beyond your control and force you to accept the situation for what it is, move on and prepare you for the next stage of your journey.

HIIT training and Strength training prepares your mind mentally for the physical challenge of what you are to embark upon, but the whole phsyche and mental component of this type of training can benefit you in various life situations. Here are some examples of how you can go about these changes-

Embrace change and look ahead to what is to come with a practical and positive approach.

Wasting time dwelling on negative people or on what could have been has done nobody any benefit. Surround yourself with people who genuine care.

If you need to, step out of your comfort zone. See how you feel once you have accomplished it.

Read and be knowledgeable. Who ever learnt anything from books? Said nobody, ever.

Invest in yourself and your experiences. Your biggest investment is your health and wellbeing, so look after it well.

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