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Sport Specific and Lifestyle Plans Bespoke to you



Together we can become the best version of YOU 


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With over 20 years of Personal Training experience in Bespoke Personalised plans, Mai can create your own Bespoke Plan based on your goals. 

All clients go through a journey to learn habits and techniques sustainable and maintainable to them, to become the best version of themselves.

  • Sport Science and Immunology background with published research.

  • Raquet Sport experienced training & affiliations with LTA.

  • HIIT, Strength and Functional Fitness experienced.

  • Pre & Post Natal Trained.

How can Mai help you?


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What Mai Online coaching looks like 

App Access

stretch plans

Access your own bespoke Sport Specific or Lifestyle plans from Mai Online Coaching App.


Follow routines and challenges set by Mai


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Weekly check-ins from Mai via online chat and Zoom calls.


Mai will keep you accountable and on track on your journey. 

Nutrition Guidance

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Track your weekly macro and micro nutrients to ensure you are fueling your body the right way for your purpose. Mai will provide you with a Nutriton Plan, bespoke to you with all your foods.

Mai will guide you in nourishing your gut for good gut health. 


       Mai will:

  • Create a Plan bespoke to your fitness, technique & goals via the app to improve your game.

  • Plans are easily accessible to you 

  • Support you in your Nutrition via the app and weekly communication

  • Educate you on Mindset via resources

  • Support you with Rest and Recovery, offering tips, plans and recovery techniques.

       Mai will:

  • Support you to maintain a Healthy and Fit lifestyle through weekly check-ins.

  • Create a Plan that works for you and is easily accessible to you.  

  • Educate you on Nutrition through apps

  • Educate you on Mindset via resources

  • Keep you Accountable via regular communication.

Consulted and Collaborated with

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LTA affiliation and partnership in blue and white
bbc sport affilliation
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What does Online Coaching involve?

Bespoke programmes personalised to you and your goals. 
Mai can help you every step of the way.
Your training programme will be motivating, consistent and most of all enjoyable.

How soon can I expect results?

Mai will work with you to get results at a pace that works best for your body.

Training will be split into phases to enable progression and the correct intensity. 

Can I train from home?

Mai will work with you at a location best suited to you. This could be at yor own own, in your own environment, or set plans specific to a gym environment. 

Mai will fit around your own goals and lifestyle. 

"I will guide you
every step of the way"

Dedication.  Consistency. SSupport. 

©2018 by Mai Personal Training, Scotland.   

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